Head of Estates - Steve McGlade

Responsible for unit which is focused on delivering Estates & Facilities Management functions which include Building Asset Management, Print Services, Distribution and Logistics (including post), stores (Including Uniform), Corporate Administration and Property and Exhibits whilst always striving to achieve ‘best value’ and continuous service improvements.  Review, implement, and communicate the aims of the Corporate Estates Strategy.  Provide professional advice and support to in all aspects of Estates & Facilities Management and monitor service, operating agreements, and contracts.

The Estate Strategy aims to set out how the Facilities Management Department will work with The Commissioner and the Chief Constable to ensure that fit for purpose facilities and functions are provided to deliver effective operational policing and support from which to receive the public and enhance community engagement.

The Estate Strategy aims to deliver an estate and services which will be more efficient and of lower cost to run, which is flexible enough to respond to the developing service requirements of the local community and to contribute to increasing public confidence in policing.  It will allow the Constabulary to maintain and improve high quality services, to improve effectiveness and to ensure good value for money and an efficient use of resources.

This strategy supports the Police and Crime Plan and Policing Objectives and is complemented by the Environmental Strategy and Carbon Management Plan.