Crime Statistics and Performance Information

Street level crime and anti-social behaviour statistics

On a monthly basis, the Home Office publishes crime, anti-social behaviour and outcome data for all Police Forces in England and Wales. This is done via a website called (also known as Crimemapper). The website also enables members of the public to view street level data for their area, as well as providing information about the local teams who police it.

Victim satisfaction and public perception surveys

Cheshire Constabulary speaks to a sample of their victims on a monthly basis to find out how satisfied they are with the way their incident or crime was dealt with.  Results gained are used to try and improve service moving forward.

In addition to Victim Satisfaction surveys, the Constabulary asks for the views of 2500 residents a year on matters such as dealing with crime and anti-social behaviour. This is done via a Public Perception Survey.

Performance information

We publish some statistics about our performance. This includes details of how many emergency and non-emergency calls we answer and the number of incidents we deal with on a monthly basis. 

Key findings from HMIC reports

Her Majesty’s Inspector of Constabulary has published detailed reviews of how well forces investigate crime, how they maintain integrity and prevent corruption, how they have responded to challenging budget reductions, and how effectively they are recording incidents and crimes.