What Our Priorities Are and How We Are Doing

Annual Policing Plans

Police & Crime Plan 2016-2021

You may also find it useful to visit the Police and Crime Commissioner website.

Annual Reports

There are two elements to an Annual Report. Both came from the Police Act 1996. The Chief Constable had a requirement to submit to the Authority a general report on the policing of the force as soon after the end of the financial year as possible and arrange for it to be published. The Police Authority had a requirement to publish an annual report which outlines performance in the previous year and how far the intentions of the three year strategy and local policing plan were met. Cheshire, like many other forces and authorities, has produced a joint publication to satisfy both these requirements.

The Police and Justice Act 2006 repealed section 9 of the Police Act 1996 Sec 9 to produce an annual report in this way.

Annual Reports

Police Performance Assessments

The performance measures on each of the pages below show the progress made n achieving the objectives set out in the Police and Crime Plan shown above.

Police Performance Assessments

Strategic Plans

Here you can find Cheshire Constabulary’s strategic plans:

Asset Management Strategy 2015-2018
Estates Strategy 2015-2018
Information Systems Strategy 2015-2018
People Strategy 2014-2017
Roads Policing Strategy 2015-2018

Police Force Statistics

Local Crime Mapping Statistics (Crime Maps)

We also create a breakdown of common statistics.

Arrest Statistics

Arrests by Reason & Gender 2015-16
Arrests by Self Defined Ethnicity 2015-16

Arrests by Reason and Gender - 2014-15
Arrests by Self Defined Ethnicity - 2014-15

Arrests by Reason and Gender 2013-2014
Arrests by Self Defined Ethnicity 2013-2014

Arrests by Reason and Gender 2012-13
Arrests by Self Defined Ethnicity 2012-13

Arrests for Foreign Nationals 2016-17
Arrests for Foreign Nationals 2015-16
Arrests for Foreign Nationals 2014-15

Force Control Centre Call Statistics

FCC - Calls Handled 2017-2018
FCC - Calls Handled 2016-2017
FCC - Calls Handled 2015-2016


Incidents 2015-2016
Incidents 2014-2015
Incidents 2013-2014

Incidents 2012-2013
Incidents 2011-2012

Domestic Abuse Incidents 2016-17 Q2
Domestic Abuse Incidents 2015-2016
Domestic Abuse Incidents 2014-2015

Incident Response Times 2015-2016
Incident Response Times 2014-2015
Incident Response Times 2013-2014
Incident Response Times 2012-2013


Crimes in Schools 2017-18
Crimes in Schools 2016-17
Crimes in Schools 2015-2016
Crimes in Schools 2014-2015

Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) Crimes 2016-17 Q2
Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) Crimes 2015-16
Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) Crimes 2014-15 

Crimes Recorded and Detected 2017-18
Crimes Recorded and Detected 2016-17
Crimes Recorded and Detected 2015-16

Cyber Crimes 2018-19 Q2
Cyber Crimes 2017-18
Cyber Crimes 2016-17
Cyber crimes 2015-16

Hate Crime 2017-2018
Hate Crime 2016-2017
Hate Crime 2015-2016
Hate Crime 2014-2015

Hate Crime Victim Gender 2017-18
Hate Crime Victim Gender 2016-17
Hate Crime Victim Gender 2015-16

Hate Crime Solved 2017-2018
Hate Crime Solved 2016-2017
Hate Crime Solved 2015-2016

Homicides 2015-16
Homicides 2014-15
Homicides 2013-14
Homicides 2012-13

Weapon Crimes Firearms 2018-2019 Q2
Weapon Crimes Firearms 2017-2018
Weapon Crimes Firearms 2016-2017
Weapon Crimes Firearms 2015-2016

Weapon Crimes Knives 2018-19 Q2
Weapon Crimes Knives 2017-2018
Weapon Crimes Knives 2016-2017
Weapon Crimes Knives 2015-2016

Facebook and Twitter Crimes 2016-17 Q2
Facebook and Twitter Crimes 2015-2016
Facebook and Twitter Crimes 2014-2015

Seizures of Drugs in England and Wales 2011/12

The following may also assist you

Crime Statistics & Performance Information

Police Use of Firearms

Taser Deployments 2014
Taser Deployments Jan - Jun 2015
Taser Deployments Jul - Dec 2015
Taser Deployments 2016

Roads Policing

RTC Data 2015-2016
RTC Data 2014-2015
RTC Data 2013-2014
RTC Data 2012-2013

The Home Office provides strength reports for the forces in England and Wales which are available on the following link :

Police Service Strength Reports

The Home Office also produces the British Crime Survey, which provides information about levels of crime and public attitudes to crime as well as other criminal justice issues.

It also publishes a study on Crime in England and Wales.

Neighbourhood Policing Arrangements

Cheshire Constabulary is made up of eight Local Policing Units: Chester, Crewe, Ellesmere Port, Macclesfield, Northwich, Runcorn, Warrington and Widnes.  Within these units are Neighbourhood Policing Teams. Each of the Local Policing Units is led by a Chief Inspector. This neighbourhood-based style of policing is about putting the local back into local policing.

To find out who the Police Officers and Police Community Support Officers are in your area and what they are doing please visit the neighbourhood policing pages.

For all reports produced by HMIC on Cheshire Constabulary please visit the
HMIC Website

HMIC carries out a reviews of anti-social behaviour (ASB) in England and Wales. 

Anti Social Behaviour Inspection Reports

Reports from Independent Custody Visitors

The Cheshire Police and Crime Commissioner is responsible for facilitating an Independent Custody Visitors scheme which involves volunteers from the local community who visit and check on the welfare of detainees across the policing area.

Custody Visitors Annual Report 2015-16
Custody Visitors Annual Report 2014-15
Custody Visitors Annual Report 2013-14

Monitoring 'Stop and Account' and 'Stop and Search'

Stop & Search

For ease you might find the following reports of use to you: 

Stop & Search Annual Report 2015 - 2016
Stop & Search Annual Report 2014 - 2015

The Ministry of Justice

The Ministry of Justice and the Home Office also publish information about the use of police powers in relation to ethnic monitoring, terrorism arrests and outcomes and police powers and procedures.

Statistics on Race and the Criminal Justice System


Creamfields data