What We Spend and How We Spend It

Cheshire Constabulary has published numerous documents about their finances.

Procurement Procedures

Cheshire Constabulary Procurement Procedures

Annual Statement of Accounts

Annual Statement of Accounts 2017-18

Annual Statement of Accounts 2016-17

Annual Statement of Accounts 2015/16

Annual Statement of Accounts 2014/15

Annual Statement of Accounts 2013/14

Force Budget

The Police Budget 2016-17

Annual Budget Book 2015/16

Annual Budget Book 2014/15

Chief officer expenses

Details of the travel, accommodation and food and beverage expenses paid to Cheshire Constabulary's Chief Officers. View the Chief Officer expenses page.

Expenditure over £500

Details of all Expenditure over £500 including costs, supplier and transaction information is available from the Police and Crime Commissioner's website.

Details of Contracts tendered

Details of the contracts currently being tendered by Cheshire Constabulary can be found on Bluelight Website. 

Pay and Grading Structure

Minimum senior employee salaries over £58,200 can be found within the Annual Statement of Accounts.

Audit findings

Audit findings for Cheshire Police and Crime Commissioner and Chief Constable 2015-16) Further information can be found on the Police Crime Commissioner's Website Audit Pages.

Audit of Accounts Notice 2017/18

List and value of contracts

The list and value of contracts held by Cheshire Constabulary can be found on the Bluelight Procurement database (BLPD)

Information on How to do business with Cheshire Constabulary

Code of Corporate Governance 

The Police and Crime Commissioner for Cheshire publishes the Code of Corporate Governance, which sets out the governance framework that will assist in enabling the Commissioner and Chief Constable to fulfil their statutory functions.  This includes the Financial Regulations which sets out financial arrangements and the Scheme of Financial Delegations within the Constabulary.

Governance Information

Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary also publishes baseline assessment reports for all 43 England and Welsh forces.

View the assessment reports

Support for the provision of Police Community Support Officers

  PCSO'S Total Budget HO Funding Police Funding Partner Funding Council Funding
2009/10 237 6,740,580 4,722,061 603,250 162,559 1,252,710
2010/11 237 6,691,325 4,849,554 298,320 182,900 1,360,551
2011/12 237 6,698,955 4,849,999 305,505 182,900 1,360,551
2012/13 222 6,545,356 4,820,113 179,443 200,600 1,345,200


  PCSO'S Total Spent HO Funding Police Funding Partner Funding Council Funding
2007/08 237 6,355,867  4,438,049 507,241 230,126 1,180,451
2008/09 226 6,629,851   4,623,843 565,008 231,000 1,210,000
2009/10 237 6,740,580   4,709,048 588,580 371,558 1,071,394
2010/11 237 6,970,367 4,848,536 611,431 265,500 1,244,900

Financial regulations

Financial Regulation information for Cheshire Constabulary is encompassed with the Corporate Governance, please see above.