Mission and Values: We're Here

We have clear set of commitments that describe the level of service members of the public should expect from Cheshire Police.

Our commitments

Our commitments cover four key areas, they are as follows:

We're here where you need us, when you need us

We will:

  • Be accessible online and through our call centre, prioritising our response.
  • Work together to protect those who are at risk or vulnerable and deploy the most effective/specialist services when appropriate.
  • Target individuals and issues that cause harm to communities and respond appropriately to serious and complex crime.
  • Work with our partners to understand and respond to local concerns.
  • Provide information and advice to help people stay safe and prevent crime.

We're here for victims

We will:

  • Encourage and support victims to come forward and give them a voice through 'Victim Personal Statements.'
  • Provide a single point of contact for all victims, witnesses and vulnerable people to help them to cope and prevent further harm.
  • Provide personal support with partners, such as "Cheshire CARES," and continually improve our service through feedback from victims.
  • Keep victims regularly informed of how their case is progressing in line with the Victims' Charter.

We're here for justice

We will:

  • Record all crimes reported to us and seek to achieve the best possible outcome in each case.
  • Work together to understand the reasons for offending and put appropriate interventions in place to prevent harm and protect vulnerable people.
  • Be transparent in our decision-making and explain the decisions we make.
  • Ensure victims are helped through the court process, offering special support for those who are vulnerable.

We're here for communities

We will:

  • Stay connected and work together with our communities by being visible and accessible to local and vulnerable people.
  • Have a named point of contact and provide a dedicated PCSO in each local area.
  • Keep communities updated on policing in their area and feedback actions through publicised local meetings.
  • Work with local communities and other services to address issues of concern and protect vulnerable people.


To make Cheshire the safest place in the country, and to be a police force here for you when it matters, where it matters.


  • Victim care is at the heart of the service we provide
  • The public have confidence and trust in us - we work together to keep them safe
  • We are a visible presence in communities and respond to their priorities
  • We respond quickly when the public need us most - we come to you
  • We work with partners and the public to safeguard individuals and communities
  • We investigate crime and anti-social behaviour effectively, solving more crime that causes the most harm
  • We are proactive, enforcing the law and creating a hostile environment for criminals
  • Crime prevention is the cornerstone of what we do

Tell us how we are doing

If you think we are falling short of the service promises made under the We're Here commitments you can make a complaint about the service you have received. If you believe we are doing well you can also make a compliment about the service you have received.

We welcome all feedback from the public as it allows us to see what we are doing well and where we need to improve. We want to offer the best service in the country and these commitments are our way of helping us meet this target.