Victim Awareness Course

The Victim Awareness Course (VAC) is a simple and meaningful option for an offender (aged 18 or over) who has committed a low level volume crime and has been diverted from prosecution through the issuing of a Conditional Caution or a Community Resolution.

The VAC was developed with victims at its heart and aims to reduce re-offending by helping offenders to:

  • understand the impact that their actions have on victims, their loved ones, themselves and the wider community
  • reconsider their attitudes and beliefs that support crime
  • take personal responsibility for their actions
  • identify what they could do differently in future.

The three-hour course is delivered during evenings and weekends by accredited Victim Support trainers at a suitable local venue within a referring police force area.

  • Offenders pay a £45 fee to attend the course. * This will increase to £55 from 1st October 2019.
  • Offenders must attend the course, take part and not be disruptive. The organisers will inform the police of any breach upon which police procedures take effect. They will also inform the referring police force of successful completion of the course.
  • If an out of court disposal is suitable and VAC is the most appropriate course of action, then police simply need to follow the usual Conditional Caution or Community Resolution process, stipulating the VAC as a requirement.