Victims' Right to Review (VRR)

The Victims’ Right to Review (VRR) scheme gives victims the right to request a review of a Police decision not to prosecute a suspect. The right of a victim to request a review arises where the police:

  • Make a decision not to bring proceedings in cases where the police have authority to charge; or
  • Make a decision that the case does not meet the Threshold Test for referral to the CPS for a charging decision.

As a victim of crime if you feel that your case has not been handled appropriately under the above circumstances, you have the right to request a review of your case. To assist you in making a decision we have compiled a list of Frequently Asked Questions.

A similar scheme is also run by the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) where a victim can request a review of a decision taken by the CPS not to continue with a prosecution.

How to raise a request to review your case

By email

By emailing the Criminal Justice department at

[email protected]

Copy the above email address, compose a new email, and paste the email address into the "To" field.


In writing

By writing to Police Headquarters at the below address:-

Department of Criminal Justice & Custody
Cheshire Constabulary Headquarters
Clemonds Hey,

By phone

By phoning 101, the Cheshire Police non-emergency number.