What happens after you contact the Police?

What we will do

When you have reported a crime, we will let you know what happens next.

  • We will inform you whether or not the crime is being investigated further
  • If the investigation is closed, we will give you the reasons why
  • If your case is investigated further, we will give you information about its progress. You have a right to be kept informed about your case, so do ask your police contact for updates.

Protecting you against harassment

If you are harassed or threatened in any way during an investigation or a trial, you should contact the police immediately.

It is a criminal offence to intimidate anyone helping the police in an investigation.

If the offender has been caught, remanded in custody, released on bail or convicted, the criminal court can make a restraining order to stop them coming near you, threatening you or intimidating you again.

How you can help

When you report a crime, there are a few things you can do to help with the investigation:

  • Give your statement to the police
  • Tell us if you remember anything more about the offence after you made your statement
  • Tell us straight away if you change your contact details - like your phone number or home address
  • Tell us if the crime involved abuse, or if you think it was related to race, sexuality, religion, disability or gender identity
  • Let the police know if you have any specific needs - for example, if you have special mobility, communication or religious requirements.