Reporting Anti-Social Behaviour

It is important to report anti-social behaviour, as ignoring it could lead to more serious crimes in the future.

A range of measures exist for curbing anti-social behaviour and include:

  • Acceptable Behaviour Contracts
  • Curfew schemes
  • Parenting orders
  • Fixed penalty notices
  • Civil injunctions
  • Orders obtained through the County Court.

Further information is available from the Home Office.

The responsibility for tackling anti-social behaviour effectively rests with a variety of local agencies and the local community, who work together to solve the offending behaviour. By combining the expertise and powers of organisations such as local councils, police, social housing landlords, fire and rescue services, anti-social behaviour can be tackled in the most effective way.

Reporting anti-social behaviour to the police

Report a crime or antisocial behaviour by calling the police on 101 or 999 if you or someone else is in immediate danger, or if the crime is in progress. Alternatively, you can contact Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 if you want to remain anonymous.

What happens when I call the police about anti-social behaviour?

Cheshire Constabulary takes around 2,900 emergency calls every week, in addition to nearly 7,000 non-999 calls. Each time our trained call takers listen and record the details of the anti-social behaviour, they make an assessment of what we need to do. Using their expertise and experience they explain to the caller exactly what will happen next and when they can expect to be contacted about the situation.

We may not send an officer straight away, as it can often be the case that with anti-social behaviour; the problem has stopped by the time the call has been made. In some cases we do attend straight away, but in other cases, an appointment is made for a neighbourhood officer to visit at a later time. People can also arrange to meet officers at the police station.

Dealing with anti-social behaviour in communities

A large proportion of the anti-social behaviour reported to Cheshire Police involves rowdy, loud or drunken behaviour. Issues like this can’t just be solved by the police, so we work with the community and people from other public bodies who also have a duty to solve problems of anti-social behaviour.

Our Police Community Support Officers and council staff target anti-social behaviour in local parks. Joint patrols, set up with youth services, lead to the seizure of alcohol from young people. Youth workers engage those involved, getting them signed up to activities that divert them away from causing trouble. Where the behaviour is of a more serious nature, formal enforcement such as Acceptable Behaviour Contracts and Civil injunctions will be considered. This involves a variety of people from different organisations working with victims to record and collect evidence of the offending behaviour.

Watch schemes

Watch schemes allow Cheshire residents and businesses to work together to help the Constabulary tackle crime and anti-social behaviour.

Not only do they improve the security of homes and businesses, they can provide real peace of mind. By joining a Home Watch scheme, you and your neighbours can have a significant impact in enhancing the quality of life within your immediate neighbourhood.

Within Cheshire there are a number of other watch schemes in operation.

Contacting your local authority

If you do not want to contact Cheshire Constabulary about anti-social behaviour, you can contact your local authority. Many councils and housing associations have anti-social behaviour co-ordinators.