Business Safety and Security

The majority of burglaries are committed by opportunist thieves. They choose premises that have no obvious signs of security or where they think they will not be seen. If they have succeeded once, they can be motivated to try again.

It is important that you review your security regularly. All of your staff should be encouraged to identify security risks. It is in everyone's interest to ensure the security and success of your business. With a bit of thought and preparation, you can significantly reduce opportunities for criminals to break into your business. Help us endeavour to put the robber out of business.

What precautions can I take to protect my business?

Cheshire Police actively encourages you to take the following precautionary measures:

  • Be aware of people loitering near your premises
  • Be suspicious of people in vehicles watching the premises, particularly if this happens more than once
  • Be alert for the unusual:
    • People showing unreasonable interest in security or staff numbers
    • Groups of people who would not be expected to shop together
    • People asking to see high-value items, who appear unlikely to afford or purchase them
    • Nervous people
  • Check the identity of non-customer visitors: alarm engineers, surveyors, etc. and Ring the organisations they claim to represent before allowing access
  • Encourage staff to think critically about weaknesses in security and discuss them with management
  • Seek advice from specialist insurers and brokers.

How can we keep our cash safe?

  • Keep as little cash as possible on the premises with a minimum in each till
  • Don’t count cash within the view of anyone else
  • Locate the tills away from entrance/exit doors. This lessens vulnerability to till snatches
  • Transfer excess cash to somewhere safe - you don’t need large notes in the till
  • Restrict access to the rear of counters by always securing lockable doors and counter flaps.

If large amounts of cash need to be banked or collected on a regular basis, then the safest method is to employ a recognised cash carrying company.

What extra security equipment could we use to protect the business?

  • Plastic till guards: A cheap but effective way to prevent till snatches
  • Smoke and dye money pack systems: Designed to emit coloured smoke and spoil cash which has been stolen
  • Pneumatic cash transfer system: An air powered tube system to convey cash to a secure area or safe
  • External access safes: Where cash collection companies can supply or take away cash without the need to enter the premises
  • Counter cache(s): Lockable metal containers, which can be kept close to the till. They are intended for the temporary holding of bank notes before transfer to the safe or bank.
  • Anti-bandit or bullet resistant glass and fast-rising screens: Fitted at all till points or pay kiosks, these offer the cashier protection and are a significant deterrent
  • Time-delay safes: Secure and only possible to open after a pre-set time, these safes will keep any cash not in the till, or not yet banked, safe from all but the most determined robbers.

Crime Prevention advice

You can contact your local crime reduction adviser (CRA) about any crime prevention concern that you may have.

CRAs can offer you free advice on how to prevent and reduce crime. All crime prevention and reduction advice is given free without the intention of creating a contract. Cheshire Constabulary cannot take any legal responsibility for the advice given.

The Cheshire Constabulary CRAs are:

Mark Cotton who covers the Crewe and Macclesfield local policing units.

Alison Gabbott who covers the Warrington, Widnes and Runcorn local policing units.

David Owens who covers the Chester, Northwich and Ellesmere Port local policing units.

They can be contact by calling 101 or by sending a message using our general enquiries form.