Body Worn Video Cameras

What are Edesix body worn video camera recordings?

The Edesix camera is issued to small business employees, typically small convenience stores or fast food outlets. The cameras are issued in response to racist abuse of staff or persistent incidents of anti-social behaviour in the stores.

The cameras are worn around the individual’s neck secured with a lanyard and have the Cheshire Police logo clearly shown. There will also be a poster in the premises advertising the use of these cameras. The camera will only record when it is activated by sliding down the front panel, the recordings are very good quality and have audio. These cameras have been very effective in deterring and detecting abuse of the staff in these premises.

The cameras are visible and not covert, so they do not need any special authority to use and are deployed in line with our duty to protect victims and detect crime.

Should you be concerned about the use of these cameras or you believe a recording has been made while you were in one of these premises you can contact Cheshire Police on 101. Any enquiries of this nature will in the first instance be directed to our data protection department.

How do I sign up?

If you are the victim of hate crime or anti-social behaviour and you wish to discuss the deployment of one of these cameras in connection with your business, please contact Cheshire Police on 101 who can put you in touch with your local policing unit.