What should I do during a robbery?

Being the victim of a robbery is often a traumatic time. Hopefully this will never happen to you but if you do find yourself involved in a robbery situation here is some advice to try and keep you safe:

  • Stay calm and try not to panic
  • Do not take risks. Avoid sudden movements and explain any overt actions you are about to make. An armed criminal can be unpredictable and/or ruthless.
  • Do not reach for pockets, handbags or activate a hold up alarm unless you are certain you can do so without being seen
  • Do not ‘have a go’. Goods and cash can be replaced. Your safety and that of your colleagues and customers is paramount
  • Do exactly as you are told
  • Do not become involved. Avoid confrontational eye contact with the raider
  • Walk away from the immediate area, but only if there are barriers between you and the offenders.

What should I do afterwards?

  • Contact the police on 999
  • Give them any descriptions of the offender(s) and the vehicle and let them know whether anyone has been injured
  • Secure the premises and stop trading. This gives the police the best possible chance of finding forensic evidence.