Children and Young People's Safety

We all have a responsibility to protect children and young people from harm.

Cheshire Police treat any reports they receive regarding the safety of a child/young person very seriously.

The Paedophile Cyber Investigation Team (formerly the Paedophile Unit) was originally set up in the mid 1990s, to deal with cases of child abuse in children's homes in Cheshire dating back to the 1960s.

Units like this strive to ensure that any investigations involving children and young people are carried out sensitively, thoroughly and professionally. The focus being on arresting the offender and offering support, reassurance and help to the victim and their family.

Child abuse

Information about child abuse and the signs to look for if you suspect a child might be being abused. The page also tells you how to report child abuse and how the police deal with abusers.


Information about bullying and signs that people should look for if they suspect a child might be being bullied.

Keeping children safe on the internet

Information about keeping children safe on the internet and how to reduce the risks of children being exploited online.

Safer Schools and Young Persons Partnership

Information about the Safer Schools Partnership programme which aims to reduce anti-social behaviour and crime in schools.

Child Sex Offender Disclosure Scheme

Information about the Child Sex Offender Disclosure Scheme and how people can apply for information using the scheme.

Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE)

Information about child sexual exploitation (CSE). CSE is a form of sexual abuse that involves the manipulation and/or coercion of young people under the age of 18.