Free Media Project for Schools

Cheshire Constabulary and the Safer Schools and Young People Partnership are inviting school pupils to take part in our latest media competition.

We’d like them to make a short radio or video advert that will help spread the word to other young people about knives, the dangers they pose and the consequences of carrying a knife.

Knife Crime

Knife crime is simply any crime that involves a knife. If you’re under 18 then that includes even carrying a knife or trying to buy one. It also includes threatening someone and the most serious crimes such as murder, robbery or burglary where a knife is used.

Most young people don't carry knives but some young people say that they carry a knife for protection or to make them feel safer. However research has shown that you’re actually more likely to become a victim of crime if you’re carrying a knife.

How to Take Part

You might choose to deliver this as a creative writing exercise within the English curriculum, as part of PSHE, in media studies or general studies.

You don’t need a load of specialist equipment, in fact you can make a really good advert on a phone or tablet. It’s the script that’s important.
Register free of charge at to find the full brief as well as a lesson plan and other useful resources.

The Deadline

Your adverts need to be about one minute duration and should be sent to us by Wednesday 27th March at the latest. Good luck!