Cheshire Drugs and Alcohol Action Team

Community Drug Teams are the main treatment response to drug misuse in Cheshire. The main aim of the drug teams' work is to reduce the amount of drug taking and drug related harm to individuals and communities through a harm reduction approach. Ultimately the aim is for people to be stable and drug free.

The ranges of services include:

  • Methadone prescribing
  • Specific treatment and services where main drug of use is not an opiate
  • Syringe exchange schemes
  • Outreach work
  • Hepatitis B and C virus testing and vaccination for Hepatitis B
  • Counselling
  • Alternative therapies, e.g. auricular acupuncture
  • GP liaison schemes
  • Structured day care programme - HORIZONS
  • Advocacy work
  • Liaison with the criminal justice system
  • Home visits
  • Carer support
  • Committee work
  • Outreach clinics
  • Young persons drug treatment services
  • Hospital detoxification
  • Community detoxification
  • Drug Free clinic
  • Co-morbidity clinic
  • Post detoxification support, an open referral system is operated at all three CDTs.

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