Burglary case study

Mary, 61, had her home in Cheshire burgled after she went out for a few hours and left her back door insecure.

She said:

“I was going to a work leaving do and was in a rush. Usually I leave a light on and lock all the doors but on this one occasion I forgot to.  I went out at 5pm and by the time I got back at 8.30pm, it was done. They’d pulled out all my drawers, gone through my things and stolen a silver bracelet.  My stomach dropped when I saw what had happened. I phoned the police and they were here very quickly. The officer took all the details and a PCSO made door-to-door enquiries. They were very good.”

The burglary was picked up on Mary’s neighbour’s CCTV cameras.

She said:

“He knocked on the front door first, saw that the light wasn’t on and my car wasn’t there, so he knew I wasn’t in. He then came round the side of the house and let himself in the back door.  You feel so stupid for leaving a door unlocked and you feel hurt that someone has been in your house.  I’ve got an excess on my home insurance so I’m not even claiming. I’ve just got a straight loss. There’s not much point in getting insurance if you leave the door open, is there?”

Mary has made improvements to her home security measures following the burglary.

She said:

“I have a light on a timer which I usually set when I go on holiday to make it look like someone is in, but day-to-day, you don’t really think about using them. Now I’m using it all the time.  I’ve also had a mobile alarm fitted in the house which runs on batteries. It took me five minutes to hang it up and it wasn’t very expensive.”