Are you a Victim of Honour Based Abuse?

If you think you're going to be directly targeted - especially with forced marriage, FGM or honour based abuse - or if you have already been a victim, you may feel scared about seeking help. But there is help and support out there. Cheshire Police and partner agencies take honour based abuse very seriously, taking great care to handle all cases with sensitivity and confidentiality to prevent further crimes from occurring.

Honour based abuse is under reported as most victims are usually too scared, shocked and fear disownment by their family or community to speak out. For your personal safety and that of the wider community, it's vital that you report any incidents to prevent further crimes. We deal with every case in the utmost confidence, so please report it and together we can tackle it.

Who you can talk to

  • It might be very difficult to talk to someone in your own family because you might not know how they will view the situation. If that's the case, speak to someone you trust or another responsible adult outside of the family.
  • You could also speak to a teacher at school or GP /other medical professional.
  • You could contact ChildLine to talk to a professional who can offer help and advice.
  • You could talk in confidence to one of the organisations and charities linked on this page such as the HM Government Forced Marriage Unit on 020 7708 0151 or Karma Nirvana on 0800 5 999 247.

When you're ready to report it, call 101. If it's an emergency you should call 999.

It's important you come forward even if you know whoever is responsible will get into trouble. It's better to tell someone rather than get hurt or continue to be unhappy.

  • You should contact your local police station or speak to your Safer Schools Officer or Local Policing Unit
  • If you feel unable to talk to us you could contact the Crimestoppers charity anonymously on 0800 555 111. (You don’t have to provide your name and your call will not be traced).
  • You can attend any police station helpdesk at any time or we can arrange to visit you where you will be more comfortable.
  • Another alternative is to ask someone else to speak to us on your behalf like a friend, trusted relative or professional. You could also ask someone from your local authority, housing association or advice bureau to speak to us. The most important thing is that you speak to someone at the earliest opportunity.

Cheshire Police are committed to keeping victims safe and preventing offences being committed. Even if a crime has not occurred yet, please come and talk to us about your fears, no incidents of Honour based abuse are too minor.