Abnormal Loads

Abnormal loads can be in excess of 4.6 metres wide and up to 650 tonnes in weight which require specific authorisation from the Highways Agency to operate on any road.

Notification of movements

Haulage companies need to send notifications through the ESDAL2 system. Merseyside and Greater Manchester Police also only accept notifications via this system.

If you have a short notice request you should phone 01606 362215

Phone: 0300 470 3733 (ESDAL2 Helpdesk)

Email: [email protected]

Agricultural Dispensations

If you are planning to move an agricultural vehicle you can submit details via the agricultural dispensations form on our website.

We no longer issue annual dispensations.

Police escorting

The routine escorting of abnormal loads is no longer carried out by Cheshire Constabulary. Self or private escorting of the majority of loads is permitted however they must comply with the Highways Agency and ACPO Code of Practice.

Hauliers can be charged by Cheshire Constabulary to accompany large or difficult loads or when it is necessary to contravene road regulations. The primary role of any escort vehicle is to alert other road users and pedestrians to the presence of an abnormal load or vehicle. 

Upcoming abnormal loads

Below are abnormal loads we have been made aware of. Details are subject to change.

This abnormal load will follow the blue route below. At 1100 hours it will set off from Browns Bank on the first leg to Kelsall Hill layby, this should take approximately three hours to complete. It usually reaches the A556 at Rudheath at approximately 1215 hours, and arrive at Kelsall and clear the A556 by 1430 hours. 

At 1900 hours, it will then resume its journey onto the A55 and into North Wales. This is shown on the lower map below.

Please divert or take an alternative route if you can, as the load may only travel at 10mph or less. Check our Facebook and Twitter accounts for the most up to date information on the day.


This load is setting off at 09.30am from Staffordshire. Our Roads Policing Team will collect the load from A34 near Red Bull Traffic lights at approx. midday. The load will then travel to Browns Bank on A34.this should take approx. 90 minutes. The load is routed A34 past Astbury Church,Padgebury Lane, Box Lane, A54 Holmes Chapel Road.

The load will be setting off at 09.30am from Browns Bank to travel to Ellesmere Port Docks. The load is routed A54 Manor lane A535 A50 B5082 A556 A54 kelsall Hill A51 Tarvin A41 A5117 M53 A5032 to Docks.