Driving Courses

If you have been in a road traffic incident with enough evidence to prosecute you, then we may offer you an opportunity to attend a driver improvement course. Courses are designed to improve your driving behaviour and are offered at the discretion of Cheshire Police.

The benefits of attending a course

If you are offered a course it gives you the chance to avoid:

  • A fixed penalty
  • A possible court appearance
  • Penalty points on your licence.

The course that you attend will aim to help you become a more responsible driver, helping you to contribute to better road and community safety.

There’s no test or exam. Your attendance and willingness to take part in the experience are all that’s needed to successfully finish the course.

You can only attend a course once within a three-year period. If you are involved in another incident that’s your fault within the three-year period you’ll get a fixed penalty notice or you’ll go to court.

You can choose to take your course at a venue that suits you as long as the course fits with the nationally approved model.

There are several courses offered that cover a variety of offences.

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Courses we offer include:

Safe and Considerate Driving Course

Speed Awareness Course

NMAC - National Motorway Awareness Course

Rider Intervention Developing Experience

What's Driving Us? Course


Think Drive Survive

Cheshire Constabulary also runs road safety awareness course for young people in partnership with Cheshire Fire Service. Details of the course are available on the Think Drive Survive page.