Think, Drive, Survive- Road Safety Course

Think Drive Survive was developed by the Cheshire Police Road Safety Unit in partnership with the Cheshire Fire Service in 2000 in response to the number of young people being killed and seriously injured in road traffic collisions.

Since its introduction, the course has evolved and to date, has been delivered to over 20,000 young road users.

The course itself is a short intensive and stimulating event where young road users are exposed to the consequences of poor driver and passenger behaviour and are asked to discuss the risks associated with being a driver or passengers in other people's vehicles.

The course aims to play a significant part in reducing the amount of death and injury on the roads and promote safer, more responsible attitudes towards road use. It is presented by members of Cheshire's emergency services who have vast experience of dealing with the consequences of road collisions. It also features presentations from those directly affected by the tragic loss of life on the roads.

Think Drive Survive has been recognised as an effective way of educating young road users and has been invited to speak to Ministers at Westminster on two occasions and has also been awarded a Prince Michael of Kent International Road Safety award for its achievements.

The course is held at the headquarters of Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service in Winsford two to three times a month. The team are also available to deliver the course at other locations such as schools or colleges upon request.

The course is run in partnership with Cheshire Fire Service, HM Prison Service, Police Volunteers and Highways England.

For further information, please contact the Cheshire Police Road Safety Officer, Kerry Christmas by email on [email protected].