The North West Motorway Police Group

Working together to police the roads of the North West

Cheshire, Merseyside and Greater Manchester Police work together as the North West Motorway Police Group. The regional control centre is based in Newton-le-Willows and is responsible for deploying and maintaining contact with all police and Highways Agency patrols.

The group allows the roads police in each of these counties to work outside their force areas. It also means the three forces work together in joint operations involving all kinds of roads policing as well as offering back-up in the event of a major incident.

Main objectives of the group

  • Deny criminals the use of the road
  • Casualty reduction
  • Target anti-social use of vehicles
  • Tackle terrorism
  • Asset seizure
  • Improve public confidence and reassurance

Staff Profile: PC Keith McCarth – Motorway Police Officer

"My role is extremely varied in its nature, from general patrol work and enforcement to serious road traffic collisions and from ANPR led activity to multi-agency operations, it all takes place on Cheshire’s motorway network.
Because of the so called ‘travelling corridor’ that the motorways create our role rarely involves people who actually reside in Cheshire, most being from much further a field. As a unit we are part of the North West Motorway Police Group, together with Merseyside and Greater Manchester Police and as such we work with those Forces as well as outside agencies such as the Driving and Vehicle Standards Agency and the Highways Agency.
In some ways the motorway is detached from the rest of the Cheshire Police area, although obviously we can be, and often are, called upon to assist our colleagues in divisions across the county."

Motorways Patrolled by the Group

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