The 'Think' car

Many of you may already be familiar with the 'Think' car - a crash car - which was donated to the emergency services in Cheshire over two years ago.

The 'Think' car has reached a national platform over the last year and serves as a reminder to the Wilson family, whose son tragically died in a road collision in 2010. Matthew was found to be one and a half times the alcohol limit when he was driving on a main road in Cheshire which carried a speed limit of 60mph. The road curved to the left and the car travelled across the carriageway, hitting a tree sideways on. Matthew died on impact, as the car hit the tree on the driver side but the car was shown to be travelling at 43mph. He was two days away from his 22nd birthday.

As part of the Winter drink drive campaign, the family appeared on BBC Breakfast, as well as regional news programmes last winter. Although the main audience is young people, the circumstances around the car, apply to all ages and highlights a 'this could happen to anyone' scenario, for anyone who thinks they are ok to drive, when they have had just one pint of beer or a glass of wine.

The general advice from Andy Taylor, Road Safety Officer is:

“Any amount of alcohol will impair your ability to drive and it is alarming that so many young people are prepared to take the risk. It is impossible to say how much alcohol it will take to put a person over the legal limit because it is not measured in units or pints, it is measured by the quantity of alcohol that is in your breath/blood or urine. Everybody is different and it depends on so many other factors such as size, age, health and food intake as to how your body will process the alcohol you drink. That is why any amount of alcohol is a risk, both to your ability to drive and the likelihood of being prosecuted."