Operation Aviator: The role of the police

Our officers and staff will:

  • Be approachable and accessible to all interested parties
  • Be independent, impartial, even-handed and fair to everyone, whatever their views, interest or involvement in the pilot scheme
  • Be open, honest and transparent and communicate in a way that is meaningful and relevant with everyone interested or involved
  • Behave in a manner in keeping with the Code of Ethics

In order to achieve this approach, we will:


  • Engage with all willing parties so that there are no surprises about police activity
  • Make efforts to reach people not interested in engaging directly with us
  • Reassure and work with affected local communities regarding our response to any policing related issue
  • Promote a professional relationship with the local, regional, national and specialist media
  • Comment only on policing matters and communicate through a variety of channels

Keep the peace

  • Uphold human rights
  • Mediate - when appropriate - with parties involved in protest issues
  • Promote crime prevention and reduction
  • Respond to assessed threats and evaluate any emerging risks
  • Deal with firearms licensing issues required in law
  • Be fair and respond to any breach of the peace under Common Law
  • In the event of a major incident, coordinate other agencies in line with civil contingency legislation and practice


  • Investigate any party for breaches of criminal law in a way that is proportionate and based upon principles of necessity, accountability and an ethical approach
  • Protect data and ensure confidentiality of any information entrusted to us except where we have a legal liability to disclose it
  • Work with the Crown Prosecution Service for a consistent and proportionate approach to any criminal prosecutions

We will not:

  • Be liable for the legal responsibilities of any third party involved in the cull
  • Act as private security for anyone involved; we are not a replacement for any individual’s or organisation’s responsibility for their own security
  • Operate in a way that detracts from normal policing of our communities