Social media issues

Within the past decade the rise of social media has had many positive effects; however some users do like to use this platform for both bullying and committing offences.

Reporting issues on social media sites

The majority of complaints received by the police are not police matters and should instead be reported directly to the site administrators who will deal with the matter in line with their own policies.

The police will only take reports of incidents on social media such as threats to harm and other criminal offences such as hate crimes. If you are threatened or see other criminal offences on a social media site call us on 101.

Protecting yourself on social media sites

There are however a couple of simple steps you can take yourself to try and prevent this type of behaviour from happening to you:

  • Only accept friend requests and other types of communication from people who you know and trust.
  • Adjust your privacy settings so that you are in control of your profile and you know who is able to view it.
  • Be aware that Facebook, Twitter and other forms of social media usually have some form of age restriction; Facebook for example is 13 years and upwards.
  • If you are unfortunate enough to become a victim of online bullying, be sure to block the communications from the person sending them to you and report them to the site administrators.