Cheshire Resilience Forum

The Cheshire Resilience Forum is a multi-agency group set up to prepare for, respond to and recover from any emergency.

Under the Civil Contingencies Act (2004) every part of the United Kingdom was required to establish a Resilience Forum – a multi-agency group covering policing areas who share information and resources.

Cheshire Resilience is the website for Cheshire LRF which brings together your local emergency services, National Health Service and local authorities, plus all other agencies that can help to prepare and respond in any event.

Our aim is to work together to protect your community.

Emergency planning exercises

Part of our preparation includes regular training exercises where we bring together all of the agencies in a staged situation. This allows us to practice co-ordinating our response so that we can act quickly and effectively should a real emergency occur.

Exercise Stratus

Cheshire’s emergency services supported staff at Leighton hospital to exercise their response to members of the public being affected by a chemical release. Our primary concern was the removal any contaminants quickly and safely to enable the hospital to assess their health care needs.

Exercise Nightfall 

Working closely with colleagues from Merseyside over 100 Police, Fire and Ambulance personal exercised the response to an aircraft crash landing short of the run away to John Lennon Airport. One of the objectives of the exercise was to ensure the lessons learnt from previous incidents were followed i.e. agencies jointly understand risk and co-ordinate resources effectively.

Exercise Eclipse

Focused on a response to an incident at a power station, which involved Police and Fire resources working at height to rescue casualties and remove protestors.