The Terrorism Act 2000 came into force on 19th February 2001. It replaced all previous legislation concerning terrorism. This law impacts upon general aviation and the responsibilities of pilots / owners.

The requirement to seek authority to fly to and from the Common Travel Area (CTA) which consists of Northern Ireland, Eire, Channel Islands and the Isle of Man, from a non-designated airfield remains. The notification period is a minimum of 12 hours.

Within the county of Cheshire there are numerous non-designated airfields and landing sites.

To clarify the procedure, the pilot must notify the Counter Terrorism Branch / Port Unit for the area which covers the last port of exit and the first port of entry into the UK when flying to or from the CTA. In order to do this a General Aviation Report (GAR) is used (see document in sidebar).

It is an offence to wilfully fail to comply with this regulation.

Example flights

  • Chester to Guernsey and return – Cheshire Small Port Unit to be notified.
  • Chester to Hawarden to Guernsey – North Wales Police to be notified.
  • Chester / Hawarden / Guernsey / Blackpool – Both North Wales and Lancashire to be informed.

You will be aware of your responsibilities in relation to flight notifications to HM Customs.

Should you have any enquiries in relation to HM Customs then the below contact details will be of use:

  • HMR & Customs Clearance Unit: Fax 0870 240 3738
  • HMR & Customs Clearance Unit / Advice: Phone 0870 785 3600
  • HMR & Customs email: [email protected]

Officers from the unit will make visits to airfields in an effort to meet owners, pilots and operators. If you need advice, further information, or have any suggestions then please let us know. We hope to establish a more effective working relationship with the general aviation community of Cheshire.

Advice and Information

As a matter of best practice, we recommend that if you are flying from a non-designated airport in Cheshire to any destination outside the mainland UK, you submit a flight notification or General Aviation Report (GAR) to:

The relevant Police Force / Port Unit


Cheshire Police Small Ports Unit by fax to 01606 362195 or email the GAR to [email protected]