Watch Schemes

There are a variety of watch schemes operating across Cheshire which allow you to get involved in your local community or help to tackle issues which you are passionate about.

These include:

Neighbourhood Watch

Cheshire has good reason to be very proud of Neighbourhood Watch. It is one of the county’s most successful exports. The initiative began its life as Home Watch in Britain in the village of Mollington, near Chester, in 1982.

For more information on Neighbourhood Watch please visit


PubWatch is a scheme which allows licensees to work together to keep members of the public safe by banning troublemakers and discussing problems.

For more information on Pub Watch please visit the National PubWatch website or read our advice and information on alcohol.


Horse Watch

Horse Watch has been set up to prevent, reduce and detect equine related crime by connecting all owners and riders, so information can be communicated quickly. Members of Horse Watch will work together to provide a network of information and support to  combat equine crime. Members will be the eyes and the ears in our communities providing a vital link between officers, PCSOs and the local communities.

For more information on Horse Watch please email [email protected].


Rural Watch

Cheshire Police work closely with a range of organisations and individuals within rural communities to fight crime. We provide practical help for residents through our RuralWatch scheme and encourage neighbours to look out for each other.

For more information on Rural Watch please email [email protected].


Shop Watch

There are a number of Shop Watch schemes that operate throughout the county. Cheshire Police provides practical help with these schemes and encourage businesses’ to look out for each other.

For more information on Shop Watch schemes operating in your area, please contact your local policing team or local council.



The SpeedWatch scheme allows the public to get actively involved in monitoring the speed of vehicles travelling through their neighbourhood. It is used in areas where speeding has been identified as a priority.

For more information about SpeedWatch schemes running in your area contact your local policing team.


For all enquiries about our watch schemes:

Contact your Local Police Unit.
Go to the Local Policing page, to see your local policing unit.


Ring 101. Ask to be put through to your local PCSO (Police Community Support Officer). You will be able to leave a brief message. Your call will be returned.