What happens if you or someone you know is arrested (custody)?

Your rights if you are arrested

The Home Office website provides details about your rights if you are arrested.

Your right to information

If you know, or suspect, someone you know has been arrested there are limitations about what information we can provide you.

Phone calls

  • There are legal restrictions around phone calls in custody suites
  • Cheshire Police do not put calls through to the custody suites
  • The detained person does have a right to make a phone call and the right to have someone told of their detention (except in specific circumstances). They will also be allowed to make a phone call to arrange transport home on release.

Where the detained person requires the attendance of an appropriate adult, the custody suite will contact the identified person directly.

People in custody

Checking if someone has been arrested or getting a message to them

We receive a number of calls from concerned relatives or friends or people wanting to find out if someone is in custody or even asking to speak to someone who has been arrested. Please do not contact us in these circumstances.

Due to the requirements of the Data Protection Act we will not be able to confirm whether someone is in police custody. We are also unable to allow you to speak to a person under arrest or to pass a message onto them.

Please be reassured that people held in custody are reminded of their legal rights and entitlements which include access to legal advice, the right to have somebody informed of their location and access to health care provisions if required.

Calling about someone under the age of 18-years-old

If you need to contact the police about someone in custody who is under 18-years old, or you have received a message to contact a custody suite in relation to this, then please call the number provided by the custody suite or call 101.

What if I am still concerned about someone?

If you do not know where someone is and this behaviour is out of character, the person may be subject of crime or they are at risk of harm to themselves or someone else you can report them as missing to us.