Community Feedback Agreement

In line with the 2017 BUSS 2.0 scheme, Cheshire Constabulary have established a community feedback agreement, described as “a published, and publicly consulted on, policy requiring the force to make clear to the public how they can provide feedback or complain, and setting out what will be done with the feedback. The policy will make clear how the feedback, particularly complaints, will be treated, what will happen next, and the possible outcomes they can expect, depending on the nature of the feedback.”

How To Provide Feedback or Complain about Stop & Search:

If you (or a relative/friend) have been subject of a search or you have feedback over the police’s use of stop & search in your community then you can provide this (anonymously or with your contact details) in a number of ways:

  • Following feedback and complaint links on this website.
  • Email to [email protected]
  • Telephoning 101 & talking to Cheshire Police.
  • Attending any Police station helpdesk.
  • In writing to Chief Constable, Cheshire Police Headquarters, Clemonds Hey, Winsford, Cheshire, CW7 2UA.

How the Feedback & Complaints are Treated

  • Anonymous feedback is welcomed & considered alongside all feedback.
  • Complaints are investigated by Cheshire Police Professional Standards Department (PSD) with the chair of the Independent Advisory Group (IAG) having oversight.
  • PSD report to the Public Encounters Group (PEG) bi-monthly, where complaints are further scrutinised by the IAG to identify shortfalls with the minutes published on Cheshire.Police.UK.
  • Every complaint causes a ‘community trigger’ response, whereby the ‘grounds for the search’ & local impact are quickly reviewed by the Local Policing Unit Community Cohesion Group and the wider circumstances are reviewed by the PEG & S&S Scrutiny Group (which includes further IAG members). This identifies any remedial action necessary.

Possible Outcomes:

  • Where appropriate, specific action is taken against an officer in line with Police Discipline Regulations.
  • Organisation learning is acted on to update training and/or policy.
  • Positive feedback is passed directly to the officer and linked to the appraisal process.

'Ride Alongs' Observing Stop & Search In The Community:

  • If you would like to accompany Police Officers in your community, observing their use of Stop & Search & providing feedback then contact [email protected] (or any of the above methods) & request a ‘ride along’.
  • We will then contact you again to start this process.