Strategic Stop and Search Scrutiny Panel

Purpose of the panel

The Panel will support Cheshire Constabulary to understand the impact of stop and search upon the diverse communities it serves, incorporating greater community involvement, increased transparency and meaningful scrutiny. It will provide a clear mechanism to ensure that any concerns about stop and search are identified and prioritised where appropriate.

The Panel will be a partnership, working together to improve the way in which the service meets its core aims: to protect the public, support victims and witnesses and bring offenders to justice or offer other long term problem solving outcomes.

The panel will drive organisational learning to improve service delivery on all aspects of stop and search within the parameters of agreed confidentiality.

The panel will meet on a quarterly basis with a co-opted membership dependent upon the thematic nature of the respective scrutiny panel.

Objectives of the panel

The overarching objectives of the panel are to:

  • Identify lessons, enhancements to service provision/business processes and training requirements in relation to stop and search, especially in terms of any perceived disproportionality.
  • Ensure the organisational approach to stop and search is corporate and consistent across the Force area and that clear accountability of outcomes are identified.
  • Progress any locally identified potential threats or risks to a strategic level and ensure that a feedback mechanism is available to the panel.
  • Ensure that Cheshire Constabulary considers the views of minority communities in order to identify concerns.
  • Undertake direct scrutiny of stop and search encounters.
  • Pro-actively initiate contact with minority groups and identify issues affecting them.