Insight Programme

The nature of policing means that we interact with people from different backgrounds every day. It is important that we understand and are sensitive to individuals' differences so we can provide an appropriately tailored policing service. To do this, we need to employ a workforce that is reflective of our communities.

As an employer, we strive to ensure that all of our processes around recruitment, progression and development are open and transparent and applied consistently and fairly. We recognise that there is still a great deal of work to be done if we are to be fully representative and are addressing these gaps through a wide variety of work and initiatives including the development and roll out of more familiarisation events which provide useful information to potential applicants on not only the roles which they are interested in applying for but also the key stages of the application process with handy hints and tips on how to make a successful application.

The Insight Programme aims to not only increase the representation of females, BME, LGBT or members of the community with a disability but to act as a support tool to all candidates who feel they would benefit from the programme.

This scheme will ensure that the Constabulary has a longer-term, sustainable recruitment strategy which ensures that talented members of the public are encouraged to join the service and have been fully supported when the application process is launched. It aims to provide coaching and mentoring and to raise awareness of Cheshire Constabulary, the policing family and opportunities and support that is available.

Who can apply?

Anyone who is interested in joining Cheshire Constabulary and are aged 18 and above. Please note that places on the programme are limited therefore it is advisable that you book your place as soon as possible once the dates of the programme are released.

What is covered by the programme?

The programme has been developed to help enable each individual to improve themselves, their confidence, communication skills and to develop skills in dealing with difficult/challenging situations such as interview situations and assessment centres.

The programme will look to cover a range of topics and subject areas including:

  • An overview of Cheshire Constabulary and the communities it serves
  • Our Positive Action strategy and what support is available outside of the programme
  • Communication skills
  • Presentation skills
  • The application process and the key skills needed to approach each stage

Why did the force introduce the programme?

To help break down barriers between the public and police force and help to instill confidence in the recruitment of new officers.

What is the application process?

Candidates who are interested in applying to participate in the programme will need to express their interest via a short application process.

What have previous participants thought of the scheme?

"The Insight Programme gave me the opportunity to gain a better understanding of Cheshire Constabulary and the application process.
I had the chance to visit and familiarise myself with the Constabulary’s headquarters before my assessment and interview which made it a little less daunting! I was also allocated a police buddy who I could contact if I had any questions throughout my application process.
Coming from a non-policing background I had someone who could share their experiences and knowledge with me which made me feel at ease. The insight programme is a great opportunity for anyone who is interested in a career in the police to learn more about the Constabulary and application process."
"When I first decided to apply for the police I wasn’t really sure how the process worked. After doing some research and looking at the force website, I was shocked at how many stages there were to go through. I didn’t really know how it worked and what to expect.
After expressing my interest in applying, I was invited to take part on the Insight pre-recruitment programme. I decided to take part in the programme in hope that it could answer my questions in relation to the application process.
The Insight programme answered all my questions and more. I was given an in-depth look at what it takes to become a police officer and given guidance in relation to how the application process works at each stage. This 1st hand information played a crucial part in allowing me to achieve my goal of becoming a police constable. I feel the programme helped me draw the best examples from my previous experiences and show how passionate I am about helping people in the community.
As part of the programme I was also paired with a 'buddy'. My buddy gave me one-to-one support throughout my application process. I found this service really rewarding because I knew anytime I had a question they were at the other end of the phone or email. My questions were always answered professionally and in good time. My buddy would also give me good advice which helped me cope with the pressure of exams and interviews.
I am so grateful to Cheshire Constabulary for giving me the opportunity to take part in the Insight programme and I know I would not be where I am today if it wasn’t for their help and support and for providing me with the confidence to become the best I can be."
"Prior to joining Cheshire Constabulary, I had been attempting to join the police for nearly two years. I had considered applying to a number of different forces, applied to be a PCSO with GMP to no avail and attended a number of recruitment seminars. My first application to Cheshire Constabulary was unsuccessful. I remember feeling really disheartened and not knowing whether to continue with the process. It felt like there was something that I was missing regarding the application process and I did not know who to speak to for advice.
However, a couple of weeks after finding out my application had been unsuccessful with Cheshire Constabulary, I received an email inviting me to attend an Insight programme with the Positive Action Team. This scheme was offered to candidates from a vast array of different backgrounds and under-represented groups within Cheshire.
On attending, I soon realised that this is exactly what I had been missing throughout the entire process, a support network that were able to offer me advice, answer any questions I had regarding recruitment, Cheshire Constabulary and policing in general.
Each member of the Positive Action Team was incredibly helpful and welcoming from the first day that I attended the programme. They offered us all an insight into the force as a whole, what to expect from the application process and what to expect if we were to progress further to the assessment centre and then interview. I had so many questions and I finally had people around me that could answer them.
I was designated my own ‘buddy’ via the Buddy Scheme. This was fantastic as I had a single point of contact to go to with any worries, concerns and questions that arose. The knowledge, support and guidance I received from having this was incredible and I have continued to maintain this relationship and endeavour to do so throughout my career within Cheshire Constabulary.
Since being invited to the Insight programme, I have felt incredibly supported by Cheshire Constabulary. I am incredibly thankful to the entire Positive Action Team for making me feel so welcome and for helping me to achieve my dream of becoming a police officer."

Interested in the scheme?

If you are interested in the Insight programme please register your interest by completing the form below or by emailing the positive action mailbox at [email protected]. We will then contact you with all the relevant information.







Insight Programme