TWISTA Connect

We are currently looking for mentors in all areas of Cheshire. The start date for the programmes are January 2019. For more information contact the TWISTA team by emailing [email protected]TWISTA Connect is a combination of the TWISTA (Together We Inspire Striving To Achieve) Police 12 week programme, and one to one mentoring with students from year 9 upwards.


  • To raise students aspirations and well-being.
  • To look at reducing anti-social behaviour and crime within your local town by looking at the effects of underage drinking or drug taking.
  • To increase confidence within the students so they choose appropriate non-threatening relationships in the future.
  • To work on improving behaviour within the school environment
  • An introduction to social mobility and how to keep yourself safe on line

These objectives will be achieved through group sessions and one to one mentoring. There will be at least five group sessions, two from the police TWISTA programme, a day in the life at a local hotel, an introduction to the fire training by the Cheshire Fire Service and an outside event run by Manchester Metropolitan University. A full time table will be give at the beginning of the programme.

These events will be woven between the one to one mentoring sessions. Your son/daughter will be matched with a mentor. This mentor will come from the local community. The mentor is a true volunteer as such does not receive payment for this work. The mentor is likely to come from the business world or have a professional background. They will receive training and will be vetted.

Become a mentor

Many teenagers don’t have the support from family and friends that's needed to achieve the things they want. By becoming a mentor, you can give them this support.

Sometimes all a young person needs is somebody to speak to that isn’t at home or school. Someone they feel they can confide in without being judged. Somebody that will listen to what they have to say. You can be the person to do this.

Do you have four hours spare a month?

This won’t take up much of your spare time, just one hour per week is all it takes to make somebodies life better.

  • If you take part in TWISTA connect you will also be given the support you need.
  • You will receive 4 hours of quality training that helps you to become a good listener and deal with problems.
  • Once trained, you will be paired with a teenager that is best matched to you in terms of hobbies, interests etc. This will give you a closer bond to start with that you can then build on.
  • When meeting with your mentee, there will be other mentors and teachers around so if you feel you need support then it is always there for you too.

The fun doesn't stop there!

During the course, there will be group trips and team building exercises that you are welcome to attend too! We would greatly appreciate your help if interested.