2,000 officers protecting Cheshire Date published: 15th March 2016 8.39am

Greater efficiency, streamlining administration and prioritised investment has enabled Cheshire Constabulary to put more than 2,000 officers on our streets – and increase protection for the most vulnerable in our communities.

The figure – which is the largest number of officers the Constabulary has had on the books since 2010 – was reached when the latest intake of recruit completed initial training this week.

Another 180 recruits are expected to join the Constabulary over the coming twelve months, which means that – with retirements – the force will have 2050 officers by this time next year.

“This is a highly symbolic figure to reach”, said Chief Constable Simon Byrne.

“As a result of the efficiency programme we have run over the last 18 months, and the introduction of a new policing model, we’ve been able to raise the bar on the officers in the force, despite real budget pressures as a result of the Government’s austerity programme.”

“I’m committed to putting more boots on Cheshire’s streets, making the county even safer, more prosperous and a place hostile to criminals.”, said John Dwyer, Police & Crime Commissioner.

“We’ve seen crime at its lowest in a generation, and some of the best solved rates for crime. The investment I have provided to the Chief Constable has enabled us to reach this figure sooner than I had hoped – and more officers are on their way in the coming months!”

The latest recruits will increase officers working on the frontline policing our communities. This will also enable the force to move more officers into high risk areas like the force’s public protection team and into the force’s taskforce, which tackles travelling criminality, road crime and drugs.