999: What's Your Emergency? Episode 10 - Violent Crime Date published: 2nd September 2016 7.24am

This programme explores the rise in violent crime across the UK and the alarming increase in attacks on our police forces. At a time when the number of front line officers is being cut to the bone and respect for the emergency services is at an all time low, are we reaching the point where the emergency services are losing control?

PCs Matt Ambrose and Mike Lowe are dispatched to a house in Crewe following reports of a man threatening his ex-partner with a gun. It’s down to the PCs to find and lock the male up for the night, despite him resisting arrest.

Later PCs Ambrose and Lowe are called to a local sports club where a brawl is underway. Dangerously outnumbered, and with tempers flaring, they must try to break up the fight as they wait for back up to arrive.

After arresting a male motorcyclist suspected of drink driving, PC Claire Heatley becomes the victim of a vicious assault when the suspect head butts her on the journey to police custody. “I expect to deal with abusive people,” says PC Heatley. “I expect do deal with aggressive people, I expect to deal with violent people, but I don’t expect to be assaulted at work.”

Always aware of the potential threat they face, police officers have access to a button on the top of their radios that cuts across all radio communication in case of an emergency. “It’s your panic button,” says PC Ambrose. “If it’s gone belly up and you need assistance urgently then you press your red button and you just hope people get there as soon as possible.”

Over in Warrington, PC Karl Dickin is the first officer on scene at an armed robbery. Arriving single-crewed – increasingly the norm since cuts to police numbers - and with sightings of the robbers still in the local area, PC Dickin pursues the suspects into the night alone.

“There’s a lot of moments when you’re frightened, we’re only human,” says PC Dickin. “The difference is we took an oath not to run away from whatever’s causing that fear. That’s the only difference.”

The brand new series of 999: What’s Your Emergency? focuses on the work of police and paramedics in Cheshire. The series follows incidents from the moment the 999 call is made to the arrival of the frontline police and paramedics - the hard-working men and women who protect us from ourselves and each other while seeing us as we really are. They talk with honesty and wit about the ever-increasing challenges of modern Britain.

Episode 10 will be broadcast on Monday 5 September on Channel 4 at 9 pm.