Are you willing to pay extra for more policing? Date published: 9th December 2015 8.32am

John Dwyer, Cheshire’s Police & Crime Commissioner, is asking the Cheshire public to give their views on how much they would be willing to pay for policing in the county.

“We were all delighted when the Government announced recently that it would allow Police and Crime Commissioners to protect police budgets”, said Mr Dwyer. “However, we now know that the Government’s commitment depends upon Commissioners, including myself, increasing our share of the council tax by 2% from April 2016. In Cheshire’s case, a 2% increase would equate to a 6p per week increase in council tax for a Band D property in order to enable existing policing services to be maintained. Otherwise, we will have to make cuts in police budgets for next year.
“For those Commissioners who have historically kept council tax low, as I have in Cheshire, the Chancellor is allowing us to increase the police precept up to £5 a year. If this additional flexibility were applied in Cheshire, it would result in a 3.2% increase in council tax, which equates to 10p per week for a Band D property. This additional 4p per week investment would enable me to increase spending on frontline police services in the next financial year.
I have committed to using any increase in funding to increase the numbers of police officers on our streets and to enhance the Constabulary’s ability to protect neighbourhoods from harm.
I now want to know the public’s views on the options available to me as the Commissioner for Cheshire. An online survey will run between Wednesday 9 December and 14 January 2016, giving you the chance to say how much extra you would be prepared to pay for the Constabulary’s services. “

For more information and to have your say on the policing precept visit the Commissioner's website.