‘Blue Christmas’ Cops Take To Twitter Date published: 21st December 2015 1.13pm

Known to many as ‘Mad Friday’, on 18 December Cheshire Police took to Twitter throughout the evening to provide an insight into the vast number and range of incidents they are called to deal with – during what is universally acknowledged as one of the busiest nights of the year for all three Emergency Services as people enjoy Christmas parties and embark on their festive break.

With Christmas just around the corner, the weekend leading up to Christmas traditionally creates more demand upon the emergency services, primarily in relation to alcohol-related anti-social behaviour, violent crime and theft. Sadly for some, the excesses of the season are all too apparent as their evening descends into criminality and a loss of control.

Throughout Friday evening, Cheshire Police issued continual tweets from all their Local Policing Unit accounts about the type of calls they received and the incidents they were attending. Updates on domestic related incidents, antisocial behaviour, road traffic collisions, arrests for drunken behaviour and drink driving, and non-crime related incidents were amongst the incidents reported upon.

Chief Superintendent Andy Southcott said

"Although we are visible to the public and our e-communities every day, the increased engagement via social media on Friday evening gave our communities a chance to see exactly the types of calls that we as Police deal with every day – and even more so at times of peak demand. I think the public will be somewhat surprised by the number and sheer variety of incidents we are called to, many of which fall outside the ‘criminal’ arena and concern safeguarding of vulnerable people or welfare matters. We hope to raise awareness of how we deal with calls from the public, highlight crime prevention advice, and show how we work with our partners to protect people. On Friday, it was imperative for us to get across our clear messages that alcohol-related criminality would not be tolerated and encourage people to know their own limits”

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