Celebrating Black History Month Date published: 15th October 2015 8.58am

October marks Black History Month – and the theme for 2015 celebrates A Century of Black Life, History, and Culture.

Over the past century, black history and culture have become major forces in the UK. In 1915, few could have imagined that black African or Caribbean culture would have such a prominent place in music, art, and literature and appreciated by the global community. 

CCMEG (Cheshire Constabulary Minority Ethnic Group) are keen to show their support for this event with a members’ workshop to be held at HQ on 3rd November, supporting group members and colleagues and working towards improving multi-cultural relations and recruitment in Cheshire Constabulary. The theme of the event is ‘Progress and Accomplish’ and includes input from key speakers from the College of Policing and Cheshire’s first female BME officer. 

On Saturday 10th October, the Constabulary, supported by members of CCMEG and representatives from the OPCC and Partnerships Unit, joined in a large community event at the Crewe Alexandra Stadium, celebrating African and Caribbean culture in Black History Month with local charity group O.C.E.A.N (Organisation Caring for Ethnic and All Nations).

The event was supported by ‘Crimebeat’ and welcomed all members of the community, offering activities such as live music, martial arts demonstrations, and art and craft workshops. 

Dionne Johnson, Chair of CCMEG said “Black History Month gives the BME community an opportunity to remind our communities of our history, the struggles achievements and stories of our ancestors and our cultures.

"A lot of black history is not taught in many schools, it certainly isn’t part of the curriculum, so the beauty of the celebrations is to fill in the gaps for those who do not know about our/their heritage.

"Cheshire Constabulary has a small number of BME officers and staff many of whom have family history outside of the UK. In essence the celebrations incorporate African and Caribbean history, but when we use the term ‘black’ we like to incorporate all ethnic origins in the celebrations.

"Black History Month gives the BME community a chance to be proud of their heritage and their own personal achievements. I hope that at least one person learns something new about themselves and or the history of black people during the celebrations.”