Cheshire Police and Crime Commissioner Invests £20k in Burtonwood Date published: 24th November 2015 2.02pm

John Dwyer, Police & Crime Commissioner for Cheshire is set to invest £20,000 in the Burtonwood area of Warrington in a project where it will be the people of Warrington who will decide where the money will be spent.

John Dwyer said, “Participatory budgeting directly involves local people in making decisions on the spend and priorities for their area and I want to use this way of allocating public money in Burtonwood.

“I will be asking community groups & residents from all parts of the community to come up with ideas for projects to make the area better. During the next week, application forms will be delivered to every home in the area and they can be downloaded from my website

“Projects could be for anything that benefits the community whether it’s an event for young people, a healthy living project, a crime prevention idea, a lunch club for older residents, a community art project, the only limit is your imagination. There are some basic criteria about what we will fund but these are also available on the website.

“I am really excited about this project as it is the people who will vote on the projects and decide where the money gets spent. If you can convince your neighbours that your idea is a good one, your project will get the cash!”