Cheshire Police targets road users in four month operation Date published: 2nd May 2017 12.14pm

Cheshire Police wants cyclists, motorcyclists, horse riders, pedestrians and motorists to share the love rather than frustration on the county’s roads.

We are all entitled access to our roads. So with warmer weather hopefully approaching we anticipate an increase in the number of cyclists, motorcyclists, horse-riders and pedestrians across the county’s network. So rather than getting hot under the collar with each other, we want everyone to:

•             Be considerate

•             Be aware

•             Be visible

•             Share the road safely with one another

Nationally there is an increase in the use of bicycles not only for pleasure and exercise but to get to work too. This trend is being reflected in our county, and along with the anticipated warmer weather enticing more cyclists to take to the roads, has led us to carry out a four-month education and enforcement operation to promote safety and tackle anti-social behaviour.

Cheshire Police and Crime Commissioner David Keane said: “I’m delighted the Constabulary is taking further steps to use education, and where necessary enforcement, to make our roads a safer place. As Commissioner, I have met with cycling groups who want to ensure safer roads for their members, and heard from many residents about local road safety concerns both from the perspective of a road user and also as members of their local community. What is clear is that there can be frustrations on all sides about the risky and dangerous way some people choose to act on our county’s roads. I hope this initiative can make a real difference and helps make people feel safer whether they are cycling, walking, driving or riding.”

Superintendent Martin Cleworth said: “We want to make sure we’re all using our roads safely and in harmony, so we’re going to be out on the road network educating, and if necessary prosecuting those who pose a risk to other road users.

 “By educating all users about the safest way to get around our roads, and by prosecuting those who are clearly having no regard for other road users, we can make our roads safer for everyone.

“We’ve all got a responsibility to look out for other road users and be courteous. Passing too close in a car or by acting defiantly while riding a bicycle, or riding three abreast, there’s a chance this could lead to road rage or a serious incident. Think, take a deep breath, and remember the person on the bike, horse, or in the car trying to pass you, is human too.”