Chester PCSO praised after performing life-saving CPR on unconscious man Date published: 28th June 2017 12.35pm

A Chester police community support officer has been praised for his ‘swift, decisive and professional’ actions after he performed life-saving CPR on a man who was found unconscious.

PCSO Keith Bartlett was on routine patrol on the evening of Saturday, 24 June, when he came across the 42-year-old man lying unresponsive in the street on City Road.

While checking his vital signs, Keith noticed he wasn’t breathing and immediately called for an Ambulance before commencing CPR. Within a minute the man had begun breathing again.

Ambulance arrived at the scene and quickly took over with paramedics telling Keith his actions resulted in saving the man’s life.

Keith said: “When I saw him lying on the ground, I didn’t hesitate to go over and help. All I kept thinking about was ensuring he started breathing again. As soon as I heard him let out a big gasp of air I was so relieved and happy.”

Chief Inspector Mike Evans, of Chester Local Policing Unit, said: “I am extremely proud of Keith for his swift, decisive and professional actions in what was a very challenging situation. Keith’s professional and compassionate manner shows what an asset he is to our local community.

“Without doubt Keith helped to save this man’s life.”

The 42-year-old was taken to Countess of Chester hospital for treatment and has since been released.