Demolition of silos to take place at Bosley site Date published: 22nd July 2015 3.19pm

Since the initial incident at Wood Mill, Bosley, on Friday 17th July, Emergency Services working at the site have been monitoring an area where three silos are located.

The silos are unstable and, due to the risk posed by them to the search and recovery operation, a decision has been taken to remove the silos at some point today.

The removal of the silos will be carried out in a controlled environment, but the procedure is expected to generate a significant amount of dust and noise. It is essential that the removal of the silos takes place to allow the emergency services to continue with the search and recovery process.

During the removal process the search and rescue operation at the site will be paused and, for health and safety reasons, those working at the site will be move to another location.

Residents and businesses in the local area are advised not to be alarmed by the noise and dust from the site; however we recommend that all doors and windows are closed whilst the procedure is undertaken.