Winter driving – are you prepared for Storm Barney? Date published: 17th November 2015 3.14pm

After an extremely warm start to the month it appears that winter is finally starting to approach in the form of Storm Barney, which is due to hit the county at 4pm today.

Although Cheshire is not expected to bear the brunt of the storm, it’s important that everyone, is prepared for the strong winds that are being predicted by the Met Office.

One thing that many people forget about when it comes to winter is making sure that there vehicles are ready for the weather ahead.

Assistant Chief Constable Mark Roberts said,

“Although autumn this year has been quite mild, the winter weather is now starting to approach, so it important that everyone is prepared”

It is advised that you conduct the following checks on your vehicle:

  • Always keep your vehicle serviced within manufacturer’s service recommendations. Have any faults rectified.
  • Examine your tyres, they should be in good condition, have plenty of tread and be set at the correct pressures. The fitting of winter tyres can enhance the braking and handling of the vehicle in temperatures below 7 degrees Celsius.
  • Have the coolant antifreeze checked by a competent person prior to winter. (Warning - hot coolant! Only check when the engine is cold)
  • Make more regular checks on your lights and fluid levels.
  • Always keep screen wash as full as possible and use correct additives.
  • Ensure your car windows and mirrors clean – keep a cloth handy.
  • Have the battery tested if the vehicle is more than two years old.
  • Keep the vehicle fuelled to a reasonable level with some spare capacity– remembering that journeys can take longer than usual.
  • Ensure that all screens and lights are clear of frost/snow prior to driving. (Be extra careful when defrosting the vehicle. Do not use boiling water)
  • Wash any road salt and grime off the vehicle prior to nightfall where required and not in a place which may become hazardous later due to ice formation.
  • In severe conditions, question the need for the journey and avoid travelling wherever possible.
  • Carry a charged mobile phone, warm clothing, a torch, food and drink if you must make a journey in severe conditions. Let somebody know the details/times of your journey.
  • Listen to weather warnings on the radio prior to and during the journey.

Information about Storm Barney can be found on the Met Office website.