Family pay tribute following inquest into death of pilot in Cheshire plane crash Date published: 19th May 2017 4.42pm

Following the inquest into the death of Kevin Whyman who died in a plane crash at a car show in 2015, his family have paid tribute.

His parents Robin and Pat Whyman said: "The past 21 months have proven extremely difficult for the Whyman family. Kevin is sorely missed by his parents, wife, sister, brother-in-law and grandchildren here in the UK, and by his aunt and her Canadian family in Calgary, Alberta.

"Numerous tributes have been paid to him by a wide range of his former friends and colleagues, several of whom have commented that they have never known anyone else with such energy and zest for life, nor with so much ability to make the most of any opportunity. He was invariably welcomed as the life and soul of any gathering, has been referred to as a legend, a hero and an inspiration to others, and a kind and talented man who has been an honour and a privilege to have known. He has achieved more in his short life than most of us would in several lifetimes. Although ambitious and driven, he also had a humble side, with the ability to temper his successes by being a loyal, considerate and generous friend. He was also a keen supporter of charitable causes.

"He has influenced many people in various walks of life, becoming almost a household name in the very different worlds of rowing, finance and aviation, and will be fondly remembered. Latterly his great enjoyments in life were his young family and his passion for aerobatic flying. We hope that his legacy will live on, not only as a source of inspiration to others, but also to serve as an example of what it is possible to achieve through hard work, dedication, application and perseverance.

"As his parents, we have been extremely proud of his achievements, and although we miss him greatly, we have very many happy memories of his short lifetime upon which to reflect."