Hate Crime – it’s not the norm Date published: 7th December 2015 9.20am

Everyone should be able to go about your daily business without being abused.

However, there are a select few out there who relish in mocking people for the way they appear or act, for unknown reasons. Perhaps they enjoy seeing other people get upset, or thrive on the power and the feeling of being the ‘bigger’ person. In fact they’re wrong.

The power is in your hands. You shouldn’t feel that you have to put up with getting abused.

Inspector Ian Stead, from Cheshire Police’s Partnership Unit said,

“If you’re abused in the street, because of your disability, or perceived disability, the abuse is classed as a hate crime. It may appear as bullying, but it is actually a lot more serious than that.

“Being abused shouldn’t be the norm. Cheshire Police are committed to being there for victims and supporting communities when and where you need us. If you talk to use, we’ll listen because we care.
“Please don’t suffer in silence, talk to someone about what is happening. Either report it to the police or visit a community reporting centre in your local area.

Speaking to some victims of disability hate crime, they’ve commented:

It’s just life”

“It’s just bullying”

“I already feel like a victim, why would I go through the ordeal twice?”

John Dwyer, Police & Crime Commissioner said,

"Hate Crime shouldn’t be classed as the ‘norm’. Here in Cheshire it is one of those crimes that is under reported and I would like to encourage people to speak about the prejudice they have been subjected to. Don’t suffer in silence. Stand up against hate crime and report it!”

You can report hate crime to Cheshire Police by dialling 101, or in emergencies 999. If you don’t feel comfortable talking to the police, you can report them via community reporting centres, or online.