Man ordered to hand over Mercedes under Proceeds of Crime Act Date published: 20th October 2015 9.48am

A Tanning salon owner from Merseyside who stole designer clothes on a shoplifting spree in Ellesmere Port has been ordered by the Courts to hand over his £25K Mercedes - after it was proven that his car was used in the commission of crime.

39 year old Ali Farahani of City Road in Liverpool, and his alleged co-accomplice were arrested in September at Cheshire Oaks Retail Park in Ellesmere Port, when Farahani was spotted by security guards stashing stolen designer clothes into his bag.

Cheshire Police were alerted, and Farahani was quickly located in the retail park. A search of his car, a top of the range Mercedes, uncovered a bundle of cash estimated at £10,000, several items of luxury clothing amounting to £500 stolen from stores that very day, and perhaps most significantly, two powerful magnets used to remove shop security tags from their luxury spoils. Both Farahani and a woman aged 39, also from Liverpool, were arrested on suspicion of theft and money laundering. The woman was later released without charge.

The cash was seized under the Proceeds of Crime Act and a further hearing is scheduled for 9 November 2015.

Ellesmere Port Chief Inspector Giles Orton said “This case sends out a strong message to those criminals holding the mistaken belief that they can come to our town to commit crime. We will track you down and use all means at our disposal to ensure you are held to account for your conduct and – quite simply – reinforce the fact that crime does not pay”.