Man sentenced to six and a half years for harming his friend with a knife in Ellesmere Port Date published: 18th October 2018 4.09pm

An Ellesmere Port man who slashed his friend with a knife because he thought he was being laughed at has been sentenced to six and a half years in prison.

Michael McTigue, aged 32, of Pembridge Court in Ellesmere Port pleaded guilty to grievous bodily harm, and being in possession of a knife at Chester Crown Court today (18 October) and was sentenced to six and a half years. He admitted assaulting a police officer at an earlier hearing at Chester Magistrates Court and was given an £80 fine.

On the afternoon of Tuesday 8 May the 24-year-old victim was contacted by McTigue while he was at the Boat Museum with friends having just finished work. While they were on the phone McTigue could hear the victims friends in the background laughing which he believed was at him.

He reacted badly saying “tell them I’ll come and smash their heads in, who do they think they are laughing at”. Despite the victim telling McTigue they weren’t laughing at him, he refused to listen and the victim ended the call.

When the victim arrived home a short time later he heard his two dogs barking and looked out of the window to see McTigue standing at the door.

The victim answered the door to be greeted with McTigue saying something along the lines of 'who do you think you are laughing at I’ll cut you up’. He then noticed McTigue take a knife out of his pocket and moved it towards him in a threatening manner.

Despite the victim thinking he was only trying to scare him, McTigue stepped forward and slashed his face with the knife causing injury to his cheek all the way down towards his chin.

McTigue then immediately turned away and walked off along Meadow Lane.
Seeing blood trickle onto the floor the victim realised he had been cut. He called for an ambulance and was taken to the Countess of Chester Hospital.

The following day officers arrived at McTigue’s house and he refused to answer the door requiring it to be forced open. After being arrested McTigue became loud and aggressive and made offensive remarks to officers as well as head butting one of them before he was led away.

After being questioned he was charged a short time later.

Detective Constable Stuart Wood, of Ellesmere Port CID, said: “McTigue committed this assault on someone who was considered to be a friend. It was completely unprovoked and came as a shock to the victim who never believed McTigue would cause him harm.

“McTigue then continued to show aggressive and violent behaviour on the day he was arrested by officers.

“Thankfully the courts have today recognised how nasty McTigue is and justice has been served.”