Man who burgled Runcorn house leaving two children terrified sentenced to two years in jail Date published: 18th June 2018 2.57pm

A burglar who left two children terrified when he broke into their home in Runcorn has been sentenced to two years in jail.

Nigel Farnsworth, 42, of Stapleton Avenue in Speke, Merseyside pleaded guilty to burglary and was sentenced on Monday 18 June at Chester Crown Court.

The court heard how on 23 September two boys cowered in the bathroom of their home on Cotton Lane as they heard Farnsworth force his way in.

Both extremely scared they hid in the bathroom, bolting the door shut and immediately dialled 999 to alert the police.

Farnsworth’s footsteps could be heard as he searched through each room inside the address before both boys heard a loud bang on the bathroom door as he attempted to force it open.

Both boys came face-to-face with Farnsworth who realised they had contacted the police and made his escape out of the home, the court heard.

Police arrived to find cash had been stolen from the property along with car and house keys.

Farnsworth was arrested by officers on 28 April in the Merseyside area.

Detective Sergeant Rob McLoughlin, of Runcorn Local Policing Unit, said: “These two boys were left scared and petrified after Farnsworth forced his way into their home.

“Their bravery in finding a safe place to hide and immediately phone police is remarkable considering how frightened they were and they should be proud of their actions.

“Farnsworth admitting his guilt has spared them both the ordeal of sitting through a trial and potentially having to give evidence in court. However, Farnsworth showed no regard for the ordeal he put these two boys through and continued to evade police before his arrest.

“A team of detectives continued to work hard to trace Farnsworth’s whereabouts and I hope his sentence will bring reassurance to the family of his victims.”