My year as a cadet… Date published: 30th July 2015 11.50am

Ashley Tether receiving his award from the Police & Crime Commissioner John DwyerAshley Tether, now a Special Constable for the Constabulary, recently graduated from our Police Cadet Programme.

Ashley described his time as a Police Cadet as; “A fantastic insight into the world of policing”

Adding; “The experience of working with the community can prove valuable in any chosen career.”

During his year as a Police Cadet, Ashley volunteered 400 hours, and was involved in numerous activities such as; attending local events, parish council meetings and community fairs. As part of the programme Ashley also got to visit several different units within the Constabulary, such as the Underwater Search and Marine Unit and Roads Policing Unit. Ashley also got to experience shifts and daily duties within LPU’s with a PCSO and got to work closely with the Youth Police and Crime Commissioner.   

Ashley had many fantastic experiences being a Police Cadet but his most memorable experience was his first ever event as a cadet, assisting at a community fair and showing families around the police car.

He explained; “It was the first of many other fantastic experiences working with police officers and PCSO's and it made me want to get involved even more with volunteering as a cadet!”

The Police Cadet Programme has assisted greatly in Ashley’s chosen career path into the Special Constabulary giving him valuable knowledge in police skills, community engagement and other skills for day to day life.

Following on from Ashley’s graduation, he was awarded ‘Best Cadet’ and recruited as a Police Support Volunteer assisting with the running and organisation of the cadet’s programme.

Ashley said; “The Police Cadet Programme has also helped me considerably in my BSc in Policing studies at the University of Cumbria giving me an insight in law, police leadership, structure and the value of community engagement.”

On 6th July Ashley was sworn in at a Special Constabulary attestation ceremony, after being successfully recruited as a Special Constable, and thanks to the Police Cadet Programme he learned many useful interview skills due to the experiences he gained as a Police Cadet.  

Ashley concluded; “I enjoyed every part of the programme, but the part I enjoyed the most was working closely with the LPU's and PCSO's engaging in the community which led to a great sense of achievement and putting something back into the community.” 

“I recommend to anyone thinking signing up for the Police Cadet Programme to do it! It was one of the best things I ever did and I am so grateful for the experience, and how it has helped shape my future with the Constabulary.”

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