Officers in Widnes ask for people to come forward with information about knife crime Date published: 20th August 2018 11.36am

Officers in Widnes are asking the community to come forward with any information relating to people carrying knives to help tackle knife crime in the town.

Knife related Incidents have remained a priority for Widnes with 89 incidents between July and December 2017 and 79 incidents between January and June 2018.

Any level of knife crime is too high, and officers remain concerned about the number of knife-related incidents in Widnes with recent serious offences of robbery, assault and public disorder involving knives.

Chief Inspector Simon Parsonage said: “We are getting increasingly concerned about knife crime in Widnes and need the public to be aware of this serious issue that impacts on all of our communities. When people carry knives, it is only a matter of time before someone is seriously injured or killed.

“The simple fact is - if you carry a knife then you are much more likely to be involved in a knife crime. Carrying a knife doesn’t make you safer and the consequences can be devastating for all of those involved. We will respond robustly to any knife related incidents and ensure any persons found to be carrying knives or committing knife related offences are swiftly brought to justice.”

Officers in Widnes have been working with Halton Borough Council’s Trading Standards team to encourage traders who sell knives to take part in the ‘Challenge 25’ campaign so people who are under 25 have to show ID before being sold a knife.

Officers have also helped to deliver a number of programmes in schools to warn children of the dangers of carrying knives.

Officers will be proactively targeting areas and individuals linked to knife related incidents and will deal robustly with anyone known or suspected to be carrying a knife.

Sergeant Neil Edgar added: “The general profile of the type of people carrying knives are young males and teenagers.

“We want to encourage the community of Widnes to report people carrying knives so we can get more off the streets and make Widnes a safer place and feel safer.

"If anyone knows someone who carries a knife then it can be reported to Crimestoppers, an independent charity that encourages anyone with information to contact them anonymously on 0800 555 111. Alternatively call Cheshire Police on 101 to report a Crime or for more information on how to get in touch with us see our website for you."