Operation Scrambler tackles nuisance off-road bikes in Runcorn Date published: 20th June 2016 1.33pm

The fight against the illegal and anti-social use of mini-motos and off-road bikes continues in Runcorn with the launch of Operation Scrambler.

Riders are feeling the effects of the on-going operation, which was launched in response to concerns raised by local residents. It has been gathering pace with information being supplied by members of the public and local officers acting on that information where they can.

Over the past week officers across Runcorn have been working together in partnership with the Registered Social Landlords and have seized 2 off-road motor bikes, seized 1 quad bike, issued 5 section 59 notices to riders and made 1 arrest, as part of Operation Scrambler. In addition numerous warnings were given for a breach of tenancy agreement.

This is part of the Constabulary’s on-going commitment to tackling anti-social behaviour surrounding the use of illegal off-road mini-motos and off-road bikes. The bikes targeted were identified as a result of police intelligence and information received from members of the public.

Mini-motos are classed as mechanically propelled vehicles by law. This means people who use them must be at least 16-years-old, hold the relevant licence and MOT and be covered by insurance.

Police have the power to seize bikes and cars which are used in a way which causes harassment, alarm or distress even if the motorists has tax and insurance.

A warning is given first but if that fails to be effective and the vehicle is used in an anti-social manner again, it will be seized under Section 59 of the Police Reform Act. Vehicles can also be seized if the rider is not insured or has no road tax.

Chief Inspector Debbie Hooper said: “Runcorn Local Policing Unit is working extremely hard to crack down on nuisance mini-motos and off-road motorbikes.

“The intelligence that we have received so far from local people has helped us to build up a bigger picture of what is happening and who is responsible.”

“Thank you to members of the public for actively supporting our operation. We understand the frustration that these mini-motos and off-road bikes cause within our community and we will be continuing our efforts to crack down on this anti-social behaviour.”